Party over!

After enjoying lots of fabulous entries, exciting competitions and hilarious FAPtastic prize giving ceremony, we have reached the end of the FAP 2013 program.

Results are already available for your viewing pleasure, entries should start appearing in the usual suspect places like soon enough.

-- orgaz08 Dec 2013 / 02:52


The theme for the fast competition is as follows:

Kekkonen VS. Mannerheim.

The entry can be anything at all! Make a demo, intro, picture, song, ASCII, whatever, as long as it follows the theme!
-- orgaz05 Dec 2013 / 18:05

Information e-mails sent

The e-mails informing you about the location, and how to get in, were went yesterday. If you haven't gotten yours, visit the IRC channel (#fap2013 @ IRCNet).
-- the fapsters04 Dec 2013 / 14:06

Schedule updated!

We've just updated the party schedule with some new exciting things to keep you entertained between other exciting things! These new things include: a PPC demoshow, a DJ gig by DJ Satavarma, etc.
-- orgaz30 Nov 2013 / 03:46

Registration closed, compo rules clarifications

The last place for FAP has gone now, though if we get any cancellations there may still be a possibility for you to get in. In case you wish to cancel your reservation, contact the organizers via IRC at #fap2013. We also clarified some competition rules, no actual rules were changed though.
-- orgaz17 Nov 2013 / 15:00

Getting close ..

The last places to FAP 2013 are being reserved now, only 9 left as of writing this! If you are coming, you need to pre-register, as we can only accommodate certain amount of people due.
-- orgaz14 Nov 2013 / 18:00

Preregistration open!

Preregistration to attend the FAP is now finally open! Go ahead, make our day.
-- orgaz25 Oct 2013 / 22:27

Web-pages, visitor registration

New web-pages are forming, visitor pre-registration will be opened soon. Come join us on #fap2013 @ IRCNet.
-- orgaz03 Oct 2013 / 18:39