Protracker module 
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  1st.  6Helix                                    by  teel / acc                     (27 pts)
  2nd.  My Sweet Pornostar                        by  Jugi / DerHM of Complex        (23 pts)
  3rd.  Astaroth sex cult                         by  Jobe                           (14 pts)
  4th.  Emerald Hill Romance                      by  Dr.Vector/Megahawks Inc        (11 pts)
  5th.  Kastan Ongasta                            by  Haohmaru / discomeats          (10 pts)
  6th.  Last Amiga Summer                         by  TRiACE / DESiRE                (6 pts)
  7th.  In st-01 we trust                         by  oo                             (5 pts)
  8th.  ITALIAN STAG LOADER                       by  Dr. Vector/Megahawks Inc       (4 pts)
  9th.  jazzflower bebob                          by  tecon / planet.jazz ^ desire   (3 pts)
 10th.  Atari Sucks                               by  Copyman/Megahawks Inc          (2 pts)
 11th.  I'm Oldie                                 by  MC Coolbeat/Megahawks Inc      (1 pts)
 12th.  No niin                                   by  Esko Mursu/Ninja Gefilus       (-1 pts)
 13th.  New Deal                                  by  Greippi                        (-3 pts)

 Hippoplayer Music 
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  1st.  She ripped my cock out with her teeth     by  alkeiskurssi of rappioryhmä    (43 pts)
  2nd.  Suburb2                                   by  Wing                           (12 pts)
  3rd.  Fernando's Gym                            by  Copyman/Megahawks Inc          (9 pts)

==========-- - .

  1st.  Lucy in the sky with polygons             by  Jugi&Kakka                     (46 pts)
  2nd.  Refugee from Planet Perzu                 by  bracket                        (44 pts)
  3rd.  Another Day                               by  ccr/TNSP                       (10 pts)
  4th.  Huomisaamu                                by  Greippi                        (2 pts)
  5th.  Amiga == happy                            by  BunneH                         (1 pts)
  6th.  Sanctuary of Worm                         by  HACKERS                        (-3 pts)
  7th.  Talvisota                                 by  J_Kahvi                        (-4 pts)
  -''-  Stargate Atlantis                         by  HACKERS                        (-4 pts)
  8th.  Puvu                                      by  Moo                            (-6 pts)
  9th.  Library tits                              by  vicci/HiRMU                    (-7 pts)
 10th.  What time is it?                          by  Tekomuna-Minttu/Ninja Gefilus  (-10 pts)
 11th.  PC_Rulz                                   by  Anonymous                      (-11 pts)
 12th.  shit                                      by  Anonymous                      (-13 pts)
 13th.  tributetokiasma                           by  Anonymous                      (-16 pts)

 Fast compo 
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  1st.  Kekkonen VS. Mannerheim                   by  Piraattitehdas/Hoboman         (18 pts)
  2nd.  Vastakkainasettelu                        by  hakasulkeinen & alkeiskurss... (16 pts)
  3rd.  Ceiling Kekkonen is watching you FAP      by  Namutäti / Pikselikaatopaikka  (13 pts)
  4th.  Haiku                                     by  Siiseli                        (3 pts)
  -''-  kekkosen hopeasamplet                     by  invalidco                      (3 pts)
  5th.  Presumably UKK Wins                       by  Terwiz                         (0 pts)
  6th.  Mannekkonen                               by  mikävit / ISO                  (-2 pts)
  7th.  manvskek                                  by  wizor                          (-6 pts)
  8th.  No Copy                                   by  Definitely Not Pope            (-8 pts)

 Deluxe Paint or Raytraced Animation 
=====================================-- - .

  1st.  Orange Rabbit                             by  Greippi                        (33 pts)
  2nd.  Tuulee                                    by  renne                          (16 pts)

 Coolest Amiga 
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  1st.  A tribute to Supra Corp                   by  Jope                           (25 pts)
  2nd.  A1200 BPPC (060@50 603p@240) + BVisio...  by  Piru & BunneH                  (18 pts)
  3rd.  A500                                      by  Wizor                          (13 pts)
  4th.  A600                                      by  Jupp3                          (12 pts)

 Bootblock intro 
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  1st.  1k boing                                  by  Piru                           (33 pts)
  2nd.  Degradation                               by  Zymosis                        (31 pts)
  3rd.  Fap2013 Bootblock                         by  Accession                      (17 pts)
  4th.  Cube-O-Bootic 2                           by  Scarab                         (16 pts)
  5th.  Get Glitch                                by  Lempo                          (7 pts)
  -''-  Acid Blocks                               by  Instant Ejakulation            (7 pts)

 Amiga video 
=============-- - .

  1st.  Get the fuck out                          by  Damones                        (34 pts)
  2nd.  Napsahdus                                 by  Ninja Gefilus                  (30 pts)
  3rd.  Amiga kännissä                            by  Valhe                          (4 pts)

 Amiga demo 
============-- - .

  1st.  Feeling blue                              by  Australian Drug Foundation     (44 pts)
  2nd.  Anti-birth First KILLER                   by  Jumalauta                      (36 pts)
  3rd.  Swookie                                   by  Traction                       (32 pts)
  4th.  Educational Sex Lesson                    by  Limbo                          (31 pts)
  5th.  Magic                                     by  Embassy                        (14 pts)
  6th.  Abuse                                     by  Dahlia & Monolith Resistor     (12 pts)
  7th.  Taksi                                     by  The Alberts                    (5 pts)
  8th.  Quick Alphabet Demo                       by  ISO                            (3 pts)
  9th.  Ripoff                                    by  dA Po$$u                       (-11 pts)
 10th.  rauhaa - the psilocybin remix             by  Ninja Gefilus                  (-12 pts)
 11th.  Marsuladian Onnenpäivä                    by  larit / AF                     (-13 pts)

 Amiga ASCII 
=============-- - .

  1st.  Kewlers                                   by  Curly Brace                    (50 pts)
  2nd.  ASCIICompoEntry                           by  Locutus                        (11 pts)
  3rd.  Voehan Vituke                             by  Terwiz                         (7 pts)
  4th.  ISO                                       by  astu                           (3 pts)
  5th.  astun.txt                                 by  astu                           (-1 pts)

 Amiga ANSI 
============-- - .

  1st.  comet ison                                by  urs / mercury                  (54 pts)
  2nd.  fap13                                     by  Jope                           (32 pts)
  3rd.  what would jesus do                       by  astu                           (-5 pts)
  4th.  fap                                       by  astu                           (-12 pts)

 Amiga 40k intro 
=================-- - .

  1st.  Shattered                                 by  Dekadence                      (61 pts)
  2nd.  Hard Rain                                 by  Neural                         (43 pts)
  3rd.  Lauantai-Kekkonen                         by  Lempo                          (-5 pts)
  4th.  AGA                                       by  Limbo                          (-8 pts)