The FAPper's news outlet

The FAPpening is over!

Whew! The results are out there, and releases are also out and should be on Demozoo and Pouet soon enough. Thanks go to all the people who participated in and organized this FAP! See you next year, maybe?
-- orgaz22 Nov 2015 / 01:46

Compo delays

Compos and other schedule have been delayed due to unforeseen drunkenness and hangovers. See schedule and/or IRC for updates.
-- orgaz21 Nov 2015 / 18:05

Less than week to go!

The FAPpening is upon us soon! Remember to register and work on your entries!
-- ccr15 Nov 2015 / 04:23

Webpages opened ..

As usual, due to real-life and laziness the opening of FAP 2015 website was delayed for way too long. We're hoping to open pre-registration on Sunday 8th of November. Stay tuned and join our IRC channel #fap2015 on IRCNet.
-- ccr05 Nov 2015 / 22:08